Our Story

Hawthorn Farm Studio is a small-scale flower farm and maker studio that provides sustainably grown botanicals and hand crafted pottery stoneware. Through our business practices and daily choices we aim to inspire and foster a healthy and thriving community within the beautiful Okanagan Valley that we have the privilege of calling home. Our goal is to bring simple and sustainable into your life. 

Amy grew up on the family orchard in Vernon, B.C. She gained professional experience in agriculture during the summer growing seasons while completing her Bachelor of Science in Ecology. It wasn’t until the last year of her schooling that she realized she wanted to make a career out of farming and enrolled in courses such as Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture. Following the completion of her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014, Amy launched the flower farm business. Since then, she has been cultivating and selling fresh cut flowers and foliage to Vernon and the surrounding community. Pursuing her love of the arts, Amy also attended the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson B.C where she completed an intensive program on studio ceramics. In 2017, Amy launched Amy Lauren Ceramics. Now under one roof, Hawthorn Farm Studio houses the flower farm, pottery studio and more.

Caleb grew up on the shores of the Slocan river in the Kootenays. His passion for the outdoors shines through in his desire to protect natural spaces and to regenerate the land. In 2014 Caleb completed his Permaculture Design Certificate and in 2017 finished his diploma in Forest Technology. Caleb’s long term goals for the farm are to establish a regenerative orchard, tree nut allotment and a sustainably managed woodlot. 

Thanks for following along on this journey as we continue to grow and create beautiful things!