hawthorn peony subscriptions

Flower Subscriptions

 Our flower subscriptions are a perfect way to enjoy the best locally grown seasonal flowers on a weekly basis. Freshly picked, bundled together, wrapped and ready for pickup at one our convenient partner locations. Just give them a fresh cut and pop them into a vase of your choice with a sprinkling of the flower food that we provide.




OUR COMMITMENT: As always, all of our bouquets will be beautiful and responsibly grown without chemicals. You will have access to our best blooms and special varieties. Our bouquets come hand wrapped in kraft paper and ready to be recut & dropped into the vase or container of your choice back at home.

YOUR COMMITMENT: Pickup your flowers on your designated day/time, or send a friend if you can't make it! For the longest vase life: Pick them up the day we deliver. Keep them out of direct sun. Fresh cut them before putting them into fresh clean water, change the water regularly to keep bacteria from clogging the stems.

HAVE QUESTIONS?: Check out our FAQ page to find out more or send us a note on our contact us page with your questions. 

As always thank you so much for your local love and support of our little farm! Without you, we would not be able to grow the special things that we do!