Frequently Asked Questions

With each subscription, members will receive weekly farm fresh flowers wrapped in brown kraft paper, a flower food packet, and for our PEONY subscriptions, a 4-pack of art illustration cards (mailed in advance). Members simply fill a vase at home with fresh water, snip the ends of the flower stems, and place the bouquet in the vase with a little dash of flower food.

Our flowers will be ready to harvest at different times every year. Our start dates are estimates based on previous seasons- we will notify subscription members closer to the start date with the official first pick up date via email. Our PEONY subscription is for 3-weeks starting the first week of June and our SUNFLOWER subscription is for 5-weeks starting approximately July 27th.

Our aim is to deliver bouquets that feature different cultivars from the previous week. Our subscriptions are straight bunch (only peonies, or only sunflowers), so in that regard, you will only be receiving ‘peonies’ or ‘sunflowers’.

This is a great question! Here are the tips + tricks to live by: When you are ready to put your bouquet in water, snip 1/4 inch off of the ends of your flowers with sharp scissors. Place your flowers in a CLEAN vase with cold water. Dirty vases will cause the flowers to deteriorate quicker. Remove any leaves that will end up in the water. They will dirty the water fast! Place your vase of flowers in a place out of direct sunlight! But they look so good in the kitchen window… and they grow in the sun… No. Cut Flowers should never be placed in a hot, sunny spot. Just like fruit, they will spoil far faster in the sun. Pluck out any that deteriorate faster than the others (ie. single peonies don’t last as long as doubles). Compost your flowers when they are done.

When you purchase your CSA Share, please provide both your email address and your cell phone number. We will send a reminder when the subscriptions are about to begin. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact us at

Due to the perishable nature of blooms, we are unable to accommodate special requests including changes to the pickup spots and skipping of a week; and will not refund or replace flowers that are not picked up. You can always send a friend or family member if you can't make it. Or, pick up the next day from our pick up locations- please note that flowers are not stored in coolers once delivered and their vase life will be decreased if you wait to pick up. 

Due to the perishable nature of blooms, we are unable to accommodate special requests including changes to the pickup spots and skipping of a week; and will not refund or replace flowers that are not picked up. Please plan accordingly. You can always try to pick up the next day from our pick up locations, but flowers are not stored cool once delivered and their vase life will be decreased.

At this time Hawthorn Farm Studio does not have a physical shop. We do have an online shop for purchasing our flower subscriptions and studio offerings. If you aren’t able to sign up for one of our flower subscriptions, you can find our flowers at various outlets from May-September.

Due to our busy schedule during flower season, we can not accommodate visitors to the farm. While our farm is filled with beautiful flowers, it is a farm and not a garden. We grow our flowers to be cut and used.

For the most part, no. Unfortunately at this time we cannot accommodate a high volume of on farm pick up. We lease our land from another working farm and want to reduce the amount of people and vehicles that enter the property on a frequent basis. As you can imagine, between employees, farm vehicles and machines, it can be a busy place. If you are a DIY Flower bucket customer we can discuss the farm pick up.

If you are a wholesale customer, check out our WHOLESALE FAQ section on our designer + florist page. 

At the moment the pottery studio does not have the capacity for classes. However as we continue to grow, stay tuned as that is in our future goals!

Yes. When testing new glazes, part of our protocol is to perform a leach test to see if acidic conditions extract elements from the glaze.

Our stoneware is heated to over 2000 Farenheit, so it can handle your oven. What will crack your pottery is if they receive uneven heating such as being placed on hot elements or transferring your pot from the freezer to a hot oven.

The studio is currently producing small batches of our hand crafted pottery with the aim of restocking the online shop every few months. If we are out of stock now, there is likely a re-stock coming soon! Sign up for our newsletter to receive a notification when this happens next.

 At this time, no.

 At this time, no. 

 Sorry, not as this time no as that would be a logistical nightmare! 

A giclée print is a reproduction of original art using a large, professional grade printer. A wide range of archival inks are used on textured, museum-quality paper, rendering true to original art and lasting for decades.

No, our prints do not come with matting. However, in many cases, matting will up-level your print and we highly recommend it. Matting is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration.

It depends. Send us a note and we will put you in touch with Maddy to discuss your ideas.

All prints are shipped unframed.